2016 European Building Content Summit (BCS)

Just last week I was speaking at EcoBuild at the behest of one of the sponsors, Wavin. My talk was about the road to BIM from a manufacturer’s perspective. BIM, embracing both digital and physical processes, tools, and people is a rallying cry to help turn construction into a more efficient, less wasteful industry. Hence the involvement by building product manufacturers is not only needed, but essential.

In the talk I posited some of the many questions to be answered by any manufacturer waking up to BIM and who wants to get involved — and who wouldn’t want to? So how do you deal with the differing requirements for information coming from your customers? How do you make their job, and yours, easier? To what standards or government mandates, if any, does your information comply to or with? If you are providing content, in what format? Does it meet current practice and requirements? How can you assess the content’s quality? How do you approach distribution of digital content? Want to go for reach, control, both? What are the costs? And the caveats? How do you identify and measure ROI for all this effort?

A myriad questions, and no silver bullet answers. This is not a unique problem or situation, as hardly anything has a simple straight answer. But answers to those questions do exist, and the better answers offer something great: opportunity! The opportunity to be an early adopter, to be there among the first and reap the benefits and added exposure for your company and your products. And in this case, there is no price for being late, for waiting to see how it plays out.

But there is no need to roll a dice to get answers. The 2016 Building Content Summit is the place to get answers to all those questions, and discover what others are doing. The one day event in October will bring together building product manufacturers, design practitioners for large and small firms alike, content creators, software developers, and hopefully you!

Last year we held the first such event in Washington DC. And it was a resounding success. There is no better place to come, discuss and learn from everyone involved. In the words of Randall Stevens, our BCS chairman, “The Building Content Summit (BCS) is forming, offering an opportunity to help shape the future of BIM content and how Manufacturers, Service & Software Providers, and AEC Firms work together.”

And with this being the first BCS European event, I would like to ask you to reach out to me if you are interested in being a participant. We are looking for representatives of each of the different groups as we want this not to be just a place to go listen to, but to participate and share your opinions and experience. I look forward to hearing back!

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