2016 Revit Content Updates – Good Start or Good Enough?


Autodesk has given us a fairly substantial update to the OOB content offering. Structural has some additions, additional MEP components, and… wait for it…  Doors actually have jambs now. We are seeing door hardware and more aggregate level components, which begs the question of the level of specificity that is going into models today. Although we still have not seen any major updates to some of the ongoing pain points such as stairs and railings, framing and material asset handling, but it is headed in the right direction.
I suppose that we should be posing this question to the software vendors, but is the content that we receive from Autodesk designed to be useful for complex projects, or simply a “starting point” and a set of “ideas” for newbies as they and learn the software from which to build additional components? Join us at the Building Content Summit (BCS) on Wednesday, July 22nd to discuss your content needs, pain points, and help give content a voice with the software vendors.

Robert Weygant

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