Well – by the time you read this the RTC North American conference will have hit 300 registrants.

No big deal right? Wrong.

Registration for the 2015 North American conference is about 16 weeks long. We’re now at the first full week of May. Registration has been open about one month and we’re at 300 registrants! Have you noticed some of the great delegate and speaker profiles on the RTC News Site? These are globally recognized leaders in the BIM space and they’re willing to share their knowledge.

But the only way you be able to attend their sessions and ask them meaningful questions (and discuss meaningful answers) will be if you attend. So what are you waiting for? Register today!

Speaking of registering today: if you’re a potential exhibitor or sponsor I’ve got some related and exciting news. Our previous sold out condition in the exhibition hall has been slightly modified because we’re in the process of expanding the exhibit hall. The point was not to create more exhibitor spaces, but to be able to accommodate more attendees than anticipated. Please keep in mind that RTC doesn’t close the exhibit hall during sessions. Meals and breaks are served in the exhibit hall. It’s really important to make sure there’s enough room in the exhibit hall for everyone to hang out and relax!

In the process of expanding the exhibit hall we’ve been able to add three more exhibition booths. One of those three has already been taken. Do the math! There are only two more booths left. So if you’re on the “should we or shouldn’t we” exhibitor fence – you’d better get off the fence! We’re looking at record attendance this year.

Did I mention that 300 people have already registered?

Additionally, there are a few more sponsorships available if you’d like to see your company’s name in bright lights. There’s only one more Gold Sponsorship available as well as a few Bronze Sponsorships. To learn more about exhibiting and sponsoring RTC North America please reach out to Jim Balding ASAP.  

Who’s Jim Balding? He looks just like the guy at the top of the post. We’ll, except for the hair…and the beard…and the cape. And the 6-pack. And the sword. And the leathers. But otherwise, he looks just like the guy above. Especially when the schedule goes slightly off script. Which was totally Wesley’s idea! I was just an impressionable bystander who’d lost a bowling match to Jim the night before.

Come to RTC North America this July 23-25 in Washington, DC and we’ll tell you the rest of the story. :)

Register today!

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