You must be dreaming!

Here, in the US, we were captivated with lottery fever last week. By the time the numbers were drawn, the amount swelled to 1.5 billion with a ‘b’. Of course, if you wanted to take the lump sum instead of the annuity, you’d have settled for a measly $930 million.

Like most, I indulged in a little fantastical thinking, and started diving into the numbers. What would I do with the money when I won? Well, first there’s taking care of family, then house and property buying, charities, investments, business opportunities, and such. And, being materialistic for a minute, I could indulge in a nice car or two, and spend some money on my hobbies – maybe turn one into a business? I’m getting a little lost in it all over again.

It sure is fun to think realistically about something that’s nearly an impossibility. Even though I might never land a cool billion, I do have a good idea of my aspirations and priorities beyond what my current paycheck can satisfy. In a way, I feel better prepared for the future by planning for something that will most likely not happen to that degree.

Let’s indulge in a little more fantastical thinking. Instead of planning our billion dollar budgets, travel plans, and indulgent purchases, let’s think about work. What if we woke up tomorrow and hit a different kind of lottery? What if our numbers came up, and our prize was that of full BIM adoption?

Imagine it! Teams are fluent, firing on all cylinders, and delivering well-assembled and coordinated projects efficiently. New employees are arriving with solid sets, supplemented by the well-oiled training machine that we put together. Project Managers understand how to budget and staff. Job captains operate with a full sense of deliverables and aligned expectations. Interoperability between design and documentation platforms is fluid, and no longer a complication.

Here’s the magic question: Then what?

What do we, as design technologists, do in a world in which we’ve achieved everything we’re currently working toward? If we didn’t have to devote so much of our energies to adoption, what should we be doing? What do we want to do? How do we contribute meaningfully when our primary task has been achieved? What should drive us in a post-adoption world?

I hope you’ll join us at DTS this summer as we dive in to this topic, and others like it. While sometimes it may not seem to be the case, the era of adoption is coming to an end. In order for us to play strategic roles in our firms we need to think beyond the tactical tasks we’re charged with today. Let’s get together and get those ideas flowing!

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