Are We There Yet?

Did you enjoy your Sunday sleep in? No such joy for the RTC Committee! We’re onsite at the 2016 conference hotel (which is pretty spectacular). The downside is that we’re effectively stuck in a 20’ x 20’ room. Kind of like one of those locked puzzle room scenerios where the door won’t open until all of the conference sessions are selected and given appropriate slots in the schedule.

So what are the odds of being selected? Less than 1:3. We’re filling about 90 session slots with nearly 300 abstract submissions.

Some interesting trends:

  • Fewer Lab submissions. We’re actually debating (right this minute) only having one lab track.
  • Decided: One Lab track. Add another lecture track. Eight tracks total.
  • Lots and lots of Dynamo abstracts.
  • 60% of the abstracts have to do with BIM Management
  • Statistically higher first time speakers submitting abstracts
Acceptance emails should go out within two weeks.
For those of you that are selected, we’re planning to invite speakers to write guest posts for the RTC News site about your sessions. Use the opportunity to entice attendees to attend your class. But don’t give away the entire session! We’d like you to write about:
  • What inspired you to propose the session?
  • What kind of problems does your session solve?
  • What’s the big takeaway that you hope will inspire your attendees?
For those of you that were not selected don’t sweat it. Yours were among other wonderful submissions and it’s often a matter of balance and subtleties that make for a great program. A multitude of high quality submissions were not selected for the North American conference. So why not consider re-submitting for one of the other RTC conferences? Abstract submissions for the European conference have closed – but the next Asian conference will be held in the spring of 2017.
Finally, sincere thanks to everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to prepare and submit abstracts. Your expertise and attention to detail is what makes the RTC community really shine.
What’s next? Registration early March! On your mark, get set…

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