DTS Agenda

The last few DTS posts have dealt with some topics which have engendered either comments or tweets, which is great! We plan to keep up with the thought provoking posts however this week we’re posting our planned agenda, subject to change and refinement of course. One of the things we’ve heard time and again is that in order to justify attending DTS you need more information about what we’ll actually be doing. This year the committee has outlined some of the discussions topics in advance (for the first day) but we’re leaving the second day open. Our plan is that the first day’s discussions will be broad, without too much depth, we anticipate that collectively we will decide on more detailed discussions for the second day, based on the first day.

DTS agenda

All told we have more than nine hours of opportunity to discuss the most pressing and strategic issues at hand for Design Technology. We hope that the thought provoking posts that we’ve had (with more to come) will be enough to whet your appetite to sign up for DTS when registration opens!

See you at DTS

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