We’re just shy of 500 registrations for the #RTCNA event in Washington, DC (link). The exhibition space has 1-2 more booths remaining and Jim Balding (pictured above) would be happy (that’s his happy face) to have you contact him to reserve the remaining booths via email or call.

You don’t want to see Jim’s angry face. :)

In other news, the conference hotel has sold out. However – the spillover hotel is practically across the street with plenty of rooms still available. So you’ll be able to hang out after sessions and evening events at the conference hotel and still make it back to your room without getting on a shuttle.

3 weeks to go for the main conference and not to mention DTS and BCS.

To keep the quality and customer experience high we’re planning to cap registration at 500. Please register today – we’ll hit 500 by end of business today or tomorrow.

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