Meet Stu BIMinion!

I’m really excited to have joined the RTC ANZ Committee. I’ve been attending RTC ANZ (formerly Australasia) since 2009, only missing the most recent event in the Hunter Valley (and I’m sure I racked up the most tweets for anyone not actually there). Most of those years I have been a speaker, which certainly requires some work, but I have seen how hard the committee works and thought – they must be crazy! So I’m apparently totally crazy, as not only have I joined the committee, but I have a seven month old baby.

Seriously though, when Chris Needham called me up, I found myself thinking this was an honour to be invited and this would be a great new challenge as well as an event I would be happy to contribute my time to. When it turned out that the role available was the position for marketing, this seemed to be an ideal fit. Having long been involved in marketing as part of my day job, and being a blogger and highly engaged with social media, I’m really keen to promote, engage with and expand the RTC community both online and in person. For me, this sense of community and knowledge sharing is the reason that I have kept attending RTC year after year. It’s something that is quite rare in the AEC industry, and I’m going to enjoy contributing to this community in a new way.

I’d love to connect with you on social media, you can find me tweeting @ceilidhhiggins and @BIMinions – and while you are at it, make sure you are following @rtcevents at the same time. Or connect with me on LinkedIn. If you have any ideas of how we can connect with you or reach your colleagues and team members who don’t know about RTC yet – I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Looking forward to seeing you in Adelaide in May 2017!

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