One Size Does Not Fit All – How do we learn from project to project?

One Size Does Not Fit All – How do we learn from project to project?

All projects are different and can be seen as making a prototype that will be the final product. However, no matter how hard you try the projects always have their own distinctive situated character. A project is therefore an ongoing learning process, both for the “project” itself and the persons and organizations that participate.

This calls for a more methodical learning perspective during the execution of a project, because if we make the same mistakes in every project, we have lost focus on the learning aspect.

It is important to have some transferable framework that all participants can act and work within.

One of the biggest questions to be considered when planning and working with content should be – “What should we use the DIGITAL objects for?” and “What do they (professional subject-oriented elements) need to deliver at certain points to drive the process?”.

These questions cannot be answered with an unequivocal answer and will always be project specific. If we look at digital objects and the information and data assets attached, it is obvious that it disqualifies the thinking of “one size fits all”.

During their session at BCS Europe 2017, Aarhus, Mikkel Toppel Andersen and Tom Frostgaard will investigate how the persons and organizations integrate the professional subject-oriented information and data about objects in the digital process of a project.

Their findings can be explained in four processes;

  1. The procurement phases in the Danish building industry
  2. The BIM processes and information levels, inspired by Penn. State University and BIMforum
  3. The professional subject-oriented elements
  4. And the use of IT/ICT tools

To learn more from your esteemed colleagues register for BCS Europe 2017, Aarhus, 3-4 October

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