834 Thai BIMsters!

This week, I had the honor of participating in an Autodesk Asean AU event held in Bangkok. I had been waiting for this day for 12 years already. 834 people showed up for the single day event at the Bangkok Convention Center.


I gave a talk on 4D techniques in Revit and Navis to a PACKED room. Wow.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 7.53.15 AM

I was overjoyed at the depth of Revit understanding I found among attendees. I was on the receiving end of many sophisticated questions about process and technical matters.

I met many people whom I hope to bring into the RTC fold and will join us for our next Asian Event in March 2017.

And I got to eat noodles. Spicy noodles. REALLY Spicy Noodles.



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