BILT ASIA: Speaker Spotlight

With the agenda for this year’s BILT ASIA yet to be announced, we thought we’d give you a little taster on some speakers you can expect from this year’s BILT ASIA.

For starters, we have the illustrious Joe Banks from BIMedge – a BILT speaker alumni with what he describes as his most ambitious lecture to date: “IT for AEC, Everything you NEED to know.”As an industry that is driven by very demanding software, our field is heavily reliant on the quality of our IT. With IT typically the second largest expenditure of any AEC firm after staff costs, money spent on underperforming and under-connected hardware or unutilised software can have a dramatic effect on a company’s profitability and flexibility.


This class will explain everything you need to know for planning your IT for a Small, Medium, Large and Enterprise scale business as well as where to spend your money and where not to.

You’ll also learn: how the various IT systems affect performance; long term cost and profitability; the ROI curve for IT hardware; and best practice backup and disaster recovery processes and how they can affect your business.


Also on our list of speakers, is Deepak Maini from Cadgroup Australia with his lab session, “Navisworks Clash Detection: Saving Time and $$$ by setting up Clash Templates”. With clash detection an important part of BIM delivery, being able to set up templates for these tests allows significant time saving particularly for tight deadlines or for when multiple projects are required at once. In this hands-on interactive lab, attendees will create search sets for items such as structural members, duct items and curtain panels. Clash test will then be performed based on these search sets and these clash test will then be exported as a template and then imported into another file.


Finally, we also have Matt Heming from Mitchell Brandtman who will present a case study, “Pushing the boundaries of cost and time,” which details the firm’s Advanced 5D+4D BIM workflows delivered for the KVMRT rail project in Kuala Lumpur – a $5 Billion project. This case study will detail all phases of their implementation including discovering current business workflows and how to identify opportunities to overlay advanced BIM workflows to a familiar way of working within a massive project team.


If these sessions sound of interest to you, make sure you register for the event now!

Stay tuned for the full agenda which will be released in the next coming days. We certainly can’t wait and hope you’re as excited as us for what is bound to be an amazing event!

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