A Few of My Favourite Things

I was going to Tweet this directly, but as short and sweet as this is, I couldn’t fit it in 140 characters.

As Chair of the BILT ANZ event, and having been involved in organising the RTC events previously, I like it when I hear that people have heard of BILT.  That’s great that people are aware of it and who we are.  However, even better is when I hear:

  1. That they will be attending this year’s event/s
  2. That they loved it
  3. What they learnt, and how it’s helped them (in a professional or personal sense)
  4. How what they learnt has impacted their teams or organisations
  5. Who they forged new or better relationships with
  6. That they will be back next year
  7. That they have something they want to share next year
  8. That they will bring others with them


This is what we are all about!

BILT ANZ is next week!

I hope to see you there and to hear these kinds of things from you!  What else should be on my list?  Let me know @chrisjneedham and @BILTevent


Oh, and who’s the wiseguy dressed up as a Darlek?

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