A Glimpse Through Open Doors


The ‘Week of BIM’ is soon upon us, and we all look forward to welcoming you in beautiful Aarhus. This week we are taking a look through some of the doors that BIMaarhus has made sure is open for you on October 4th in the afternoon. A total of 18 companies have come together to create 8 tours (meaning you have the option to do one), departing from the ‘BILT hotel’, the Radisson Blu, at 15:00 – with the return at 18:00. You can sign up here.

I asked a couple of the tours to share a  few words on what they are working on, so without further ado; I’m handing the blogging-machine over to them :-)



What will you show on your ‘Open Door Tour’? 
We hope to show a unique insight into collaboration, design, deliverables and project management with ICT and BIM as the key driver. When working on a 170.000 sqm hospital project you have to focus on collaboration. Our common project ‘Nyt Aalborg Universitetshospital’ represents a complexity in coordinating and understanding BIM-workflows. We want to demonstrate a BIM-setup where structure and consistency throughout different company cultures can be very difficult.

The advisory group is represented under one consortium named ‘Indigo Konsortiet’. ‘Indigo Konsortiet’ is organized around 3 architectural and 4 engineering companies; LINK arkitektur(DK), schmidt hammer lassen architects(DK), Creo Arkitekter(DK), Oluf Jørgensen(DK), Brix & Kamp(DK), NNE(DK), Royal HaskoningDHV(NL) and sub advisors;  Arkitekt Kristine Jensens Tegnestue(DK), Arkitekterne Bjørk & Maigaard(DK) and Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma(DK).

Currently, our team includes 75 individuals working at the same office, in over 70 different 3D models.

Facts about the project: The project is located in Aalborg and is owned by the Region of North Denmark. The budget is set to EUR 641 million. When finished in 2020, it will stand out as a completely new hospital with multiple functionalities at an approx. area of 170.000 sqm.



With so many exciting tours to choose from – why should I chose yours?
We will set a practical example in using model data and show why consistency in data is so important when delivering at all phases of a building project of this size.




What will you show on your ‘Open Door Tour’?

AARhus in Aarhus is designed by the famous Architect BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group and it is located in the new district ‘Aarhus Ø’. In the development of the apartments in AARhus, BIG has asked the simple question: “If all people are different, why are all apartments in modern buildings then similar?” AARhus is the answer to this question. The shape of the building is two large harmonious AAs, which, as two iconic pyramids, welcome visitors to Aarhus. The staged shape is not just chosen to create a beautiful building. It also ensures that all apartments get an optimal combination of sun and sea views from the large terraces and roof gardens. MT Højgaard will invite you to see the site of AARhus and show how we use VDC in the construction phase.

Aarhus’ new central city square Frederik’s Plads and the buildings surrounding the square were designed by C. F. Møller Architects. The aim of Frederik’s Plads has been to create a cluster of high-rise buildings in central Aarhus that adapt well to the surrounding city. The buildings are designed to appear with a sculptural profile in the city’s next skyline and be in harmony with the city’s traditional lower buildings at Jægergårdsgade and at the same time add lots of life and activity at the city center. The outer building volumes embrace an inner green city square, which is both a dynamic space where people pass through and at the same time a friendly and quiet space for residents and those working on the premises. Building volumes adapt to the surrounding city heights by gradually growing from the south to the north (5-6-7 floors in the south to 14-19 floors in the north).



On the tour, NCC will show you around on the building site and give you a presentation about the project, and how NCC works with BIM and VDC in all project phases from design to construction.


For many this will be their first time visiting Aarhus, so what is the main thing they must experience during the BILT events week?

At Salling Rooftop, you can get an amazing 360 view of Aarhus, enjoy live music and get a cocktail



What will you show on your ‘Open Door Tour’?

At Exigo, we will look at the ‘New Aalborg University Hospital’ from the perspective of BIG DATA in construction. We will look at the methodology and the newest technology on how we are minimising risk, ensuring transparency in deliveries, economy, and scheduling for building owners and contractors on large complex constructions. We’ll be opening the door to our 4D and 5D risk assessment.  By looking at proposals and input from contractor and consultants, Exigo composes consequence-analysis for the construction management team and  the owners, to secure a robust basis for decisions that consider upcoming procurement and future work.  We have developed a unique setup to continuously calculate and report earned value and analysis of the actual progress in comparison to planned progress. The follow-up on actual performed work, works by the subcontractor filling out an online spreadsheet with progress in % per activity, per zone/location. The data is hereafter verified by the construction management team and is imported into the 4D-location-based schedule. Then the earned-value that the contractor can invoice every month is calculated in the project management software. That means that the invoice is based on real data and actual progress instead of loose estimates.

At Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers we’ll be examining The Opal ; the new landmark building for the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) in Copenhagen. The light and hovering appearance of the addition is the result of a structural principle developed in collaboration with Dorte Mandrup Architects and Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers.  The keywords are going to be Digital workflow, optimized shapes, structural analysis, multiple disciplines connected with Flux.



For many this will be their first time visiting Aarhus, so what is the main thing they must experience during the BILT events week?

Definitely go to the infinity bridge just south of the city.





What will you show on your ‘Open Door Tour’?

We would like to show how much modern sensor technology can do inside a building and for a building. The development is going so fast, and today it´s possible to place sensors everywhere in buildings, add more later on, and move them around! No wires needed!

Buildings can, with the technology, adapt to the daily use and needs of the people in the building. The building can tell you when it needs repairs or even tell you before.

On our tour, we will show you, that this technology is already in use. It’s cheap, it’s easy to install and very flexible.


With so many exciting tours to choose from, why should I choose yours?

Our tour is the one you don’t want to miss out on! This tour is about the future, that is already here!

Even though buildings and private homes are big investments there’s a fundamental lack of knowledge about how the building actually works when in daily use, when analysing the complete dataset.

This can also tell us whether the design choices made are optimal. In the Dome of Visions techlab we are doing experiments on how the industry can benefit from utilising a more generic approach to collecting data and the latest technological development within the Internet of Things (IoT). By collecting data from sensors and building systems and analysing the data to provide better and more sustainable buildings.



For many this will be their first time visiting Aarhus, so what is the main thing they must experience during the BILT events week?

As locals, we are very proud of our AROS Museum of Modern Art (which is right next to the BILT conference and hotel) and Moesgaard Museum (where we go for the social function on Friday evening). Both museums are very interesting buildings and worth a visit. Do also take time for a walk in the old part of Aarhus: “Latinerkvarteret” is just a short walk away from your hotel, and here you will find charming cobblestone streets, small shops and a variety of small restaurants and cafes.




BIM Aarhus and the 18 companies have planned 8 tours with various BIM and technology related topics. Each tour will have 3 visits within  3 hours. A guide will meet you at the Radisson Blu hotel where the BILT conference is being held.

In groups of up to 20 guests, you will visit 3 different offices within walking distance. At each office, BIM experts and experienced staff will give a presentation and introduce you to the specific topic. Most tours are within walking distance of  the  Radisson Blu hotel, but there will be bus transport on Tour 3 and Tour 5. You can add an ‘Open Door’ tour to your existing BILT or BCS registration here

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