A message from the Summit Chairman

An update from the Design Technology Summit Chairman, Robert Manna:
The most interesting manAs I write, the Design Technology Summit (DTS) is only just over a month away! It is hard to believe that the time since the summit in San Diego has flown by so quickly! The good news is that in a few short weeks our first official documents will be published and released! This is our first opportunity to go “public” in a big way and the Management group under the leadership of Robert Yori (SOM) have secured a spot in a well circulated print and digital magazine for their first OpEd piece. Second, our Innovation group is going to recognize the spirit of Innovation at RTC NA with the innovation awards. So far we have a number of people who have submitted entries. If you’re attending RTC NA and would like to submit (but didn’t) you can update your registration information (for assistance e-mail secretary@rtcevents.com).

Lastly, we still have seats open at DTS, so if you are already a member, please register, we would love to have you back. If you’re interested in becoming a summit participant, please let us know how you qualify. If you are on our mailing list and you missed it, we sent out a registration reminder a few weeks ago, just search in your inbox for “DTS 2015 – Elevator Pitch”.

We look forward to seeing you in a month!



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