A Partnership Story in Porto

This is a guest post by Rui Gavina.

Fernando Sousa holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP-IPP) and his final work to obtain the master’s degree focused on BIM-COBie-FM relationship. He has international experience on construction management and he is also an enthusiastic for BIM FM. In recent times he dedicated himself to deepen his knowledge in BIM methodologies due to its growing importance in AECO. He is also a Co-Founder of the association ISEPBIM, which is a work and research group on BIM subjects, made up from teachers, former and current students from ISEP-IPP.

João Silva holds a Master degree in Civil Engineering with specialisation in Infrastructure from the Polytechnic School of Engineering (ISEP-IPP). João developed his master’s thesis on the field of geosynthetics and their application in landfills, and he developed a passion for BIM through the ISEPBIM group. Today he is an MEP designer, having participated in several projects, being the most significant one the hydraulic design of Katangoji Polytechnic School (Angola) and hydraulic design of Waterfront Colombo (Sri Lanka).

ISEPBIM is a work and research community of students, former students and professors of the Polytechnic School of Engineering (ISEP) in Porto, Portugal. Although this group is related to an academic environment where every week there is a meeting to share knowledge and develop new ideas, the key point to ISEPBIM is the perfect symbioses between the academic and professional point of view, with the scientific experience and expertise of the faculty professors. ISEPBIM is a two-way bridge between this two, providing to the students a close learning experience from the business environment and keeping the professionals updated with the cutting edge technologies from academic researches and breakthroughs on Master’s Thesis.

ISEPBIM aims to be a reference and influencer to the Portuguese AECO community, giving advises and helping companies on their BIM implementation, throughout studies, conferences, meetings and workshops. Being a non-profitable organisation, ISEPBIM, relies on the support of sponsors to provide a greater knowledge and competitiveness to the Portuguese construction industry.

RTC foundation and ISEPBIM are similar in their genesis and vision, both with a strong sense of community. As RTCEUR 2016 is being held in Porto, the two are joining efforts to make this a remarkable year for BIM in Portugal, with several high value initiatives. This synergy and this great projects and ideas are only possible because of the effort of brilliant people like Silvia Taurer, the RTC Europe region manager. Silvia is a true inspiration for us and we are lucky to have her as our mentor. Thank you Silvia!

Stay tuned for the incoming exciting news! BIM year in Portugal on the go!

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