A Special Someone


I remember reading a great blog post last year (Dan Stine, was that you?) where the author talked about how RTC Events were becoming his family vacation planning tool. We choose such great destinations that the whole family always wants to come along!

So this year, in Europe, I am hugely excited that Helen, my wife, has finally decided she wants to come along. We’re leaving the kids with various and sundry for about 10 days (anybody want some spare kids? Going cheap. Will work hard…) and arriving a few days earlier than normal to be able to have a look around.

If you haven’t been to Budapest before it is a truly beautiful city, and a near perfect place for a romantic getaway. Cruising on the Danube (look for the Revit 2009 (?) splash screen), dinner in an amazing restaurant in the turrets of Buda castle, horse riding in the countryside, and of course, Goulash and then Tokaj (amazing Hungarian sweet wines) by a fire in the evening. The event venue, the Corinthia Hotel, was part of the inspiration for the setting in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, although the hotel shown in the movie is not real, but an amalgamation of the Corinthia and a couple of others. Make sure you go to Cafe New York for desert and a coffee one day (and see if you can Get Paul Aubin to model one of those columns!). Check out the dining room of The Academy of Sciences, home to half a dozen Nobel prize winners.

… and don’t forget that Budapest is the birthplace and home of Archicad, so they’ve been doing BIM here a lot longer than most!  :-) There is an opportunity to take a tour of the Graphisoft office on the Wednesday before the event, which is definitely worth doing, but maybe not as part of the ‘Romantic getaway’ itinerary!

Last, but probably not least, Budapest is a fantastic and relatively inexpensive city to go on a shopping safari. Maybe that’s the bit that happens while I go poke around at Graphisoft …

All in all, it really is a great place to bring your special someone, and I for one am really looking forward to it! I hope you get the opportunity to grab your better half (or better 3/4 if you are Martin Taurer) and spend some extra time in this amazing city. If you do, please come and introduce them to me so I can welcome them on behalf of RTC!

See you soon!

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