A Win For the Industry (Who Do You Meet at BCS?)

Last week, I rambled on that I was in the process of creating some Revit Content for Elevators, that Architects/Engineers/Contractors could use to represent *any* manufacturers elevators, without having to re-download, delete content, re-place content, worry about hosting, worry about assimilating to standards, and so on.  The particular content is meant to:  1. Be generic, 2. Be adjustable enough to represent any SPECIFIC unit, 3. Look correct in all documentation and coordination _MG_8145 - Copy

programs, and 4. Have a User Experience that isn’t terrible, so users don’t have to re-learn-how-to-walk, just to model an elevator.

I started working on this content because several clients use Elevators on almost every job, and it’s a pain point… On almost every job.

  1. They go to a website that “configures” the content.
  2. It lets them download a piece.
  3. They place it in the model.
  4. Design constraints change, and to get it altered, they have to:
  5. Go back to the website that “configures” the content
  6. Download the new piece
  7. Delete the old one (lose all your annotations)
  8. Place the new one
  9. Re-annotate everything.
  10. Then the design constraints change again, andddddddd…………._MG_8152 - Copy

But, that’s not what is important today. It turns out, some Elevator Manufacturers were at the Building Content Summit, in Arizona. That was where I was talking to a couple of clients about the need for these components (while we navigated a model with elevators in it). I didn’t talk with the Elevator Manufacturer there (I didn’t know we were all in the same room!), but after posting some pictures on LinkedIn, they reached out to me, and we started emailing. As luck would have it (coincidence) we are literally up the street from one another, so we’re going to meet this week.

What about?  Who knows. They already have BIM Content (and Elevators, obviously).  But they must at least be curious, about why companies are asking for the content I’m making, when manufacturers already have BIM Content out there.  (And its true, you can find Revit Elevators out there for Schindler, KONE, ThyssenKrupp, OTIS, and more).

_MG_8413 - Copy

BUT… Isn’t that conversation exactly what the Building Content Summit is set out to create?  Manufacturers are making content, and they want users to use it.  Users want the content, but need it to work a certain (easy, effortless, repeatable) way.  If there is a disconnect there, isn’t the BEST thing that can happen that those parties make it in to a room together, and begin discussing why those things are the case?  What if I told you:  THAT ROOM IS AT THE BUILDING CONTENT SUMMIT?

Don’t just take my word for it, hear it from others that were at the Building Content Summit in Arizona, including some product Manufacturers.

Are you a product Manufacturer with BIM Content (or needing BIM Content to be developed) available already?  If so, are you registered for the Building Content Summit in Europe in October?  As some folks are finding out, even if you *think* your BIM Content is ready to go, the only way to find out is to get out there and truly interact with the USERS of your content, and BCS is the place to do it.

Check out the event, and the live schedule, at www.BuildConSum.com and get registered! Hope to see you there.


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