Abstract Submissions Open

Autodesk University. Check.

Thanksgiving Holidays. Check.

You know what that means? Digital Built Week Abstracts are open: BCS, DTS, Data Day and BILT. The committee usually get around 400 submissions (which are all individually reviewed – multiple times). And from past experience I can tell you that some need a little tweaking to improve their chances to get approved.

Attending conferences is an investment in future revenue. How will that revenue be recovered? By the delegate learning something that in turn will save them, their co-workers and their company time, money and helping create a better experience for their customer.

Would you like to submit an abstract that’s more likely than not to get selected? It’s not really that hard. You just have to remember that your submission should closely align to your audience.

Once you login in or register, there’s five key fields that’ll help your session get selected or rejected. Focus on these five fields to your betterment or detriment.

Field One – Abstract Title

This is your title. It should clearly describe the value proposition of the session, but keep the title brief and succinct!

Abstract Synopsis: 

Your abstract synopsis should be one paragraph. It should Describe a problem that costs your audience time, money and  simply say that you have a solution. Snark and sarcasm are not always a great combination as it can be a turnoff during review because it creates uncertainty rather than confidence in your topic. 

Abstract Body:

Describe how your session will save your audience time, money and be of interest. Don’t go into a great amount of detail. Don’t simply copy / paste your entire presentation. Keep it brief. Long abstracts are a red flag to reviewers that you don’t know how to get to the point and increase the likelihood of not being selected. Your abstract only needs to be about as long as this paragraph. Focus on Problem>Solution.

Key Learning Objectives (4):

1) Your objectives must be clear. 2) Your objectives must be measurable. They should clearly outline what someone is expected to learn and be able to do after completing the session. Note: you will be graded by the attendees that attend your session on how well you complete these objectives. We take this into consideration when selecting abstracts the next year.

Please tell us about your speaking experience:

You’re trying to establish credibility with the reviewer. You need to convince the reviewer that you really know what you’re talking about – not some philosophical treatise. Describe yourself in terms of being an authority on the topic that you’re proposing. If your profile does not match your abstract proposal we are likely not to accept you. Attending conferences is an expensive investment for delegates and their company. The reviewing committee doesn’t want to risk the success of their event by allowing someone to speak that will leave their attendees dissatisfied. Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile so it matches your title and your company in your abstract, as if we don’t know you, we will be looking there.

And with that – submit today!


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