Abstract Submissions – Only 2 Weeks to Go!


Whaaaa” I hear you say…
It’s so early this year” Not really, a few weeks only.
But, but, but...”  The reality is the deadline is approaching fast and the challenge in on to make it  “more” and “better” than previous years.  If you’ve read our recent RTC blog posts, we’ve covered some inspirations for writing or encouraging others to write an abstract.

Further to this, we’re putting forward a list of suggested topics for the next event based largely on your feedback.

Workflow-focused suggestions:

  • Design to fabrication
  • Structural analytical techniques (that drive design or are driven by design)
  • Case studies showcasing innovative or challenging structural solutions where the design or fabrication was enabled/supported by BIM tools.
  • Paperless projects / model-based deliverables (rather than using BIM software to simply produce drawings as the primary deliverable)
  • Design progression through detailing to fabrication, shop modelling/drawing production and verification, procurement and field logistics
  • Office resourcing/skills dynamics issues: to have specialists or generalists, what is the optimal approach? (might well suit a panel or forum format)


Construction-oriented suggestions:

  • How to get your supply chain on board with your new digital processes
  • How Revit is used beyond design
  • Keep It Simple, Stupid – elegant and effective workflows for those in the field


Owner-themed suggestions:

  • Where are all my BIM benefits I keep reading about? The truth about how owners are impacted.
  • Why owners need to engage to partake.
  • How to measure the intangible benefits of BIM
  • BIM 2.0: Better Information Management – what happens when an owner gets info-savvy.

We all have an opportunity to contribute whether directly or indirectly to making this next RTC a diverse and truly BIM focused event!

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