Abstracts & Past Stats


As the cut off date for abstract submission for RTC Australasia 2016 approaches on Friday 28 August 2015, you may be thinking that “I’m not presenting so nothing to worry about here…”  WRONG!  Part of the BIM community’s role is not just to come up with abstracts but also to encourage others to present.

There are many projects out there at the moment that you or your colleagues are working on that would be suitable to be talked about at RTC.  You may also consider using it as an opportunity to co-present with one of your own team to help develop their leadership and/or presenting skills.  You may also be aware of some clever or unique techniques being used by one of your project partners.  It’s worth asking them to consider presenting and even better to co-present both of your practices’ approach to the same problems.

We’re often asked at RTC for more conference sessions from sub-contractors, building owners etc., and we respond as well as we can.   There was a lot of positive feedback regarding Nathan Lyon (Facility Manager for Investa) presenting “Why Should Facility Managers Want to Know About BIM?”.  That particular session came about from someone’s initiative who was working with Nathan on a project.  You may have seen someone speak on something very interesting at a BrisBIM or similar event that you know would benefit the industry particularly across a 60-75 minute format.

As I’m writing this, I’ve just left a BIM coordination meeting for a large infrastructure project.  The project type is very similar to a project used in a talk at RTCAUS 2015 but with different techniques to achieve similar outcomes.  I’m encouraging the project BIM lead to present this because of its scale and multiple BIM platforms.

We all have an opportunity to contribute whether directly or indirectly to making this next RTC a diverse and truly BIM focused event!

Ohhh! and I did say stats in the title…?

RTC AUS 2015

  • Speakers 85
  • Sessions 96  (the bright sparks will note that some speakers spoke more than once!)
  • Attendees 401
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