Achievement Unlocked!

Wonderfully successful week in Toronto for the first BILTna conference. From the venue, to the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees – so many have given the RTC Events team incredibly positive feedback. FYI – please expect a post conference survey to arrive via email in the following week. Please be honest in your feedback!

Here’s a link to some highlights photos from the week organized by event and day. Please browse and enjoy. Feel free to use this pics for your post conference blogging and social media stuffs!

Next years conference will be held at the Hilton St. Louis Union Station. The image below highlights the grand hall that will serve as a networking and evening gathering space. Amazing venue. Check it out over here.

More on next years Friday Night Function later – but in the meantime I have two words:

City Museum.

So please mark your calendars now and plan on attending next years conference in St. Louis. This will be another great year to bring your family!

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