All About the People – MassMotion and Smart Move

Smart Move

I’m just back from RTC Asia, which took place in Singapore. I loved everything about it — the venue, the people, the weather, and above all the conference. What can I say, it is extraordinarily fun to talk to fellow attendees and share the passion and knowledge that everyone brings to the table.

Getting there was a different story. As much as I love travelling, getting to places involves queues, crowds, and time. It makes you wonder if there could be a better way, outside of not travelling ;)

Buildings are built for people, yet we seldom see them in our Revit models. People do get taken into account, but this comes from the experience of architects and engineers, as well as from the codes that amalgamate data about best practices when it comes to spaces and their clearances and tolerances. But a more scientific approach is also possible. There are now tools that allow you to study the effects that changes to the design will have on crowds, queues, flow, escape routes, and more.

Oasys Ltd has developed a tool called MassMotion. Initially developed the Fulton Street Transit Centre in New York City and used internally for over 10 years, it has been a commercial product for more than 4 years. MassMotion gives you graphical output of how people move around a space, how congested these spaces get, and vision maps showing where people are looking as they move through the spaces (great for finding the best signage location for escape routes, or advertising). Do you have a retail space? With MassMotion you could study and provide your client with the best locations within.

Earlier this year, they launched a lighter version called Flow, geared to architectural firms and fire protection engineers. While this light version may not have the feature set to simulate advanced timetables or check-in queues like MassMotion does, it still has the same power and speed, simulating crowds for projects such as office blocks, stadia and retail environments.


We thought it would be great to have the team from Oasys over at RTC Europe to talk about MassMotion and to demonstrate its use. To make it even better, we also got Buro Happold, who have been developing a similar toolset under the name Smart Move, to participate in the session. Smart Move is used internally, but Buro Happold are now looking to turn it into a commercial product.

If you would like to know more about these tools and how they compare, come to the session where both teams will introduce their products and follow that with a lab on each of the software tools demonstrating how they work.



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