All dressed up? Where to go – BILT ANZ of course!

We are now counting down the days to BILT ANZ in BrisVegas, and while our speakers are putting the finishing touches on their presentations, and we are all sure to be thinking about a whole lot of learning, there is of course more to BILT than just the classes!  While we always have a great schedule of networking and social events, this year will be another level.

Thursday night is of course the warm up, as usual welcome drinks will be held in the Exhibition Hall to give you a chance to meet and greet delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

As has become our tradition, Friday night will be a relaxed activity evening held off site.  This year we will be heading to Victoria Park for dinner, drinks and golf.  From putt putt through to the driving range and even a round of 9 holes if you are keen, the facilities will be open for our use.  But don’t worry if you are not so keen on golf, there will be plenty of other activities and of course a buffet of food and drinks! Dress up in your best golfing outfits for a chance to win prizes.

Saturday night is however the main event, and will be something totally new.  Our BILT ANZ 2018 keynote speaker, Ashraf Habibullah really knows how to make an impression. Aside from what will be a captivating and inspirational keynote address, as president and CEO of Computers and Structures Incorporated (CSI Inc.) he is going to be our host on Saturday evening.

Those who have been to past RTC/BILT events before may be familiar with our traditional gala dinners and indeed last year in Adelaide, we had a great time with some incredible ‘80s theming.  However this is no ordinary dinner, nor is it in fact a dinner (although there will be plenty of food).  CSI Inc. in partnership with BILT ANZ brings you an event not to be missed – just ask anyone who attended RTC North America 2016 in Scottsdale!

What we can share with you is that it will be held at the Brisbane City Hall, and will be unlike anything ever experienced before at our previous ANZ/AUS events. Dress your best for our Glitz and Glam theme.  Your choice – dress up fancy in Glitz and Glam or more traditional cocktail attire – just don’t wear your jeans (unless they are sequined).  Think glitter, think sequins, think Great Gatsby or Red Carpet. We want your glamorous all out best.  Again, there will be prizes for best dressed. We know the ladies will need no help with this one, but in case some of you gents need some assistance in what to wear…


It will be an elegant evening with plenty of food, cocktails, signature LED-lit jackets, music, dancing and entertainment.  It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Do yourself a favour and do not miss it!


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