An Architect’s Guide to BILT Europe 2018

In this little series of tips we will guide you through the highlights of our program giving you some recommendations on classes we think are just right for you. An upfront disclaimer – the following is based on the authors personal opinion and shall only highlight classes considered to be of special interest for you. So let’s get started:

I’m an Architect, what’s in there for me?

Plenty, aside of Jože Plečnik architecture in Ljubljana – on the first day:

  • Christopher Rossetto on BIM Runner – Design the Perfect BIM Manager.
  • Daniel Hurtubise talking about How to implement Dynamo (From installation to usage) as well as
  • Jay Zallan on VDC Re-Imagining | Re-Designing Design.
  • Michael Fuchs talking about Collaborative clinic design in Revit could close your day.

Friday sports:

  • Elaine Lee on Manage a Project in 7 Months with Phasing … Design Options … and Other Tools,
  • Michael Richert talking about VDC / BIM cost estimating 5D in practice.

Finally On the closing day we’d want to point out

  • Ben Robinson’s presentation on The Integration of Digital Workflows into a Typical Architectural Office and
  • Jack Stewart on Data > Build – The Gantry project as a built example of pure data-driven-design and delivery.

A note to fellow nerds and über geeks -let’s look at some fun stuff:

  • Radu Gidei: Cross-platform development : from Revit/Dynamo to Rhino/Grasshopper and the web,
  • Johan Hanegraaf: Interactive VR development with Unity,
  • Thomas Mahon: Become a Dynamo BIM Zero Touch Node (C#) developer in 75 minutes!} = awesomeness.

All on day one btw… so let’s look at the rest:

  • Sol Amour on DesignScript: A robust dive into the language underlying Dynamo,
  • Frederic Beaupere on kickstart Revit_Python!! And;
  • Virat Manchanda on Photographs (not Photogrammetry) to BIM: A Quick and Practical Alternative for Scan to BIM.

Not done yet? Sure not, we have another day to go:

  • Mark Thorley is Exploring the Dynamo API with C#,
  • Sylvester Knudsen talks Next Level Optimization
  • last but not least Gordon Price presenting the Advanced Dark Arts with Myriad Fantastical Beasts: Software Customisation, Deployment & Management.

Grab a quick bite at the Gala then fire up your laptop and start coding. Just kidding, kick back relax and enjoy.

The Importance of being Earnest – Business leaders – here are some tips on sessions catered to you:

Sorry, no class on Oscar Wilde, but some hand picked choices that might be of specific interest for you:

All day one. Second day sports

  • Marzia Bolpagni with Effective ‘LOD’ Implementation in Projects,
  • Nis Boile Christensen with Datadriven Facility Management – Value-based ICT and BIM for Clients and Building Owners,
  • Igor Starkov on BIM CDE and COBie for QC, Handover and Facility Management – Case Studies
  • And to close, Martijn de Riet talking about Case Study: developing a new FM strategy for 610.000m2 real estate. Case Study: developing a new FM strategy for 610.000m2 real estate.

The closing day won’t disappoint you either, we have

And all combined with lot’s of discussions, meeting people at our social functions, exchanging information – a power time for all things BIM.

I’ll see you in Ljubljana!

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