An Architect’s Guide to BILT NA

While there are many many sessions with many hard decisions, We know it can be hard to pick which topics are going to be the best classes you can choose. Arguably there are many more that are good for the modern architect/design manager, but here’s our pick of sessions for you at this year’s BILT NA:


To start Day 1 we have a few stand out classes:

  • Efficiently Controlling Visibility with One Workset? What?! Adam Roth, Henderson Engineers Inc. Tired of troubleshooting visibility in Autodesk Revit? This class covers the use of Autodesk Revit families, shared parameters, categories, and filters with view templates to automatically control the visibility of elements in the model using a single workset.
  • Revit Phasing from A-Z – Sash Kazeminejad, Ideate Software. This session will cover Phasing concepts, Phase Settings such as Phase Creation, Filters, & Overrides; View Management, Demolishing Tips, Do’s and Don’ts when using Phases, and how Phasing can be used to create presentation views for clients and Virtual Reality.

And after lunch we have the very popular:

  • Code Blue, Dr. Revit! How to Resuscitate Corrupt Revit Models, Nauman Mysorewala, GBBN Architects. How many times have we seen messages in Revit like, Elements missing, Model is Corrupt, Revit crashed. This course is designed to show you how to triage & resuscitate a corrupt Revit model. Leverage parsing Journal and SLOG files for diagnosis. Learn best practices to minimize file corruption.
  • From the BIM Trenches: Architect’s Mindset vs. Engineers Mindset, Jacob D’Albora, McVeigh & Mangum Engineering.The lecture will explore the different mindsets between architects and engineers where it comes to BIM creation and design. The attendees will walk away from this understanding that the easiest route for architects might be the worst for their consultants.

And after all this learning you can unwind and even have a bit of fun at our offsite function at the City Museum!

Day 2 brings us an eclectic mix of sessions including:

  • Think Outside the Building: Pushing the Limits for Landscapes in Revit with Dynamo, Lauren Schmidt, GGN. With a complete lack of development or integration of site tools, landscape workflows in Revit remain maddeningly difficult. Using Dynamo as a framework, this course will explore some trickier aspects of landscape modeling and documentation in Revit and will also look at methods to improve interop between Rhino and AutoCAD.
  • Double Lab: Photographs (not Photogrammetry) to BIM, A Practical Alternative for Scan to BIM, Virat Manchanda, Imagine BIM You’ve heard of AutoCAD to BIM, Photogrammetry to BIM and even Scan to BIM. In this session, we introduce Photographs to BIM?! In this lab you will learn a workflow by which you will be able to produce a BIM model of significant ‘mm’ accuracy using simple everyday photographs.
  • Or if you’re looking for something a little more high-tech, check out Back to Reality: From Scan to Model to VR, Paul Aubin, Paul F. Aubin Consulting Services, Inc.  This session explores the use of lidar and photogrammetry to capture and compile point clouds, mesh models, Revit models and virtual reality experiences documenting the ancient Italian city, Volterra’s priceless treasures.
  • What Exactly is it You Do Here? A Primer on Model Management, Jim Marchese, Stantec. Not to be missed!This course is an overview of model management and the much-misunderstood role of the Model Manager focusing on responsibilities, team collaboration, and addressing model issues that are common on most projects.

Not sure you can fit more information in on Day 3? We’re sure you can with:

  • Roundtable: Drafters or Engineers? Structural Revit Model or Analytical Model? Who Should Model What? Marcello Sgambelluri, JAMA Already sold-out in one time-slot, Join us as we discuss who should be allowed to create and change the Revit model. Conversely, who should be allowed to create and change the structural analysis model such as ETABS or Risa or RAM? Now that BIM has taken hold, old traditions need to be reevaluated!
  • An Applications Training Initiative: Overcoming the Lack of Training for a Mid-Sized Firm, Chad Speas, Corgan. Identify, understand, develop and build resources to better train your staff for sustainable, advanced learning. I’ll share the framework and apply this to software platforms and design concepts in a case study format.
  • Balancing the Revit Ecosystem: The Many Hats of a BIM Manager, Helen Gorina, Perkins+Will Projects, templates, and content requires BIM Managers to connect the dots playing several roles: Researcher – collecting and analyzing performance of Revit projects Investigator – uncovering underlying problems Janitor – facilitating fixes We will clamp down on usual suspects and focus on automation of reporting and cleanup.

And the final sessions you can squeeze out are:

  • Get the Most Out of Your Detail Components and Details, Jesse Mickle, Neumann Monson Architects. Standard firm details, keynotes, detail components with extensive parameters, and standard line types from firm standards. We’ll walk through a process that was done to set up parametric detail components that align with firm standards to quickly create intelligent details no matter the project.
  • Design Space Construction/Sprout Space Sustainability Processes, Jarod Schultz, MasterGraphics.aec See a case study on “Design Space Construction/Sprout Space” with MasterGraphics.aec & Perkins+Will using Autodesk sustainability design tools. We will be covering how Dynamo Studio, Fractal, FormIt, Revit, and Insight were used to meet design, energy (2030), and view quality requirements.
  • Solve Real Problems with Real Apps? Minimal Code Required, Joel Roderick, Water Technology. Are you the office power user? The person who takes on the hard job of making things better for everyone? Tired of hacking Excel or Access to try and create tools people will actually like to use? Make your ideas into real apps using Microsoft’s PowerApps platform.

Head reeling? Don’t worry, it’s time for the Gala Dinner to celebrate all you’ve learnt!

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