An Australian at RTC Asia

2015-09-26 17.53.32

Well it’s been over three weeks since I arrived back in Australia from #RTC_ASIA and whilst the humidity and smog (fires in Jakarta) are long gone, there remains the fond memories of a very well-run conference.  Whilst I’ve only been directly involved with RTC Australasian committee for the past 18 months, I was very proud to see the RTC Asia committee get a 200-person event up and running in their inaugural year.  The quality of venue, social events and local and overseas speakers impressed many of the delegates I spoke to.  I found myself in the special role of bell ringer to announce the start of sessions.  Like the overhead projectionist of past, the ringing of a desk bell to gain the attention over hundreds of delegates is an oft underrated skill.  Not just a constant or random ding, a trap for young players, but a three-ring combination every 8 steps seems to create the right sense of urgency to hurry delegates to their next presentation without eliciting panic.

For those wanting to know more, I will be holding a lab at the RTC Australasia 2016 or you can pay exorbitant amounts money to engage my consultancy services at

Once again congrats to Phil Lazurus, Adam Sheather, Heidi Lam and respective teams!

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