An Inaugural Opportunity – Building Content Summit (BCS)

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I’ll have to admit, I’m addicted to being involved in the early stages of ideas, products, companies, you-name-it.  I think it’s the energy that’s generated in trying to solve a problem or imagining a better way. There’s also a pride in knowing that you’ve helped move an idea forward or helped steer a conversation.

I teach the concepts of entrepreneurship to engineering students at my alma mater, the University of Kentucky, as a side gig.  One of the things I try to get across is that you don’t have to be the founder or the one taking the brunt of the risk to reap the intellectual and pragmatic results of “innovating”.  I call it being a “fast second”.  Get involved in the early stages.  Gorge on the early excitement and fall in love again with limitless possibilities.

The Building Content Summit (BCS) is forming, offering an opportunity to help shape the future of BIM content and how Manufacturers, Service & Software Providers, and AEC Firms work together.  Registration will be open soon with a limited number of slots to be on the ground floor of this new event.

One of my favorite quotes of late is “I want to be broadly right rather than precisely wrong” which I read in Nassim Taleb’s “The Black Swan”.  It applies to entrepreneurship in so many ways addressing uncertainty, tenacity, fortitude and most of all humbleness.  I don’t know exactly how the inaugural BCS will unfold and I can’t even tell you yet who the speakers will be (we’re working on it!).  But I have a sneaking suspicion we’re heading in the right direction and those in attendance will help shape the future of BIM content.

Randall Stevens

BCS Co-Chairperson

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