And our new RTC ANZ Committee Member is…

At RTC Australasia 2016, we held an event the farthest from any capital city airport in the history of the event (Hunter Valley, 2 hours north-west from Sydney).  We still pulled in good numbers, and for those that attended, the feedback says it was well worth it.

We also had some other firsts – we had ARCHICON join RTC Australasia as a co-located event, and we had new cost management and construction streams added.

I was proud of how the RTC Events Management team and the RTC Australasia committee performed, and I’m very much looking forward to our next on-site workshop in Adelaide in November, where we’ll be in the final throes of abstract reviews and plugging them into the 2017 event schedule.

As a new team member we’d like to welcome Ceilidh Higgins to the committee. Ceilidh will be known to many of you already, and is a past speaker on multiple occasions.

She’s an established industry professional – as an interior designer and Senior Associate at Daryl Jackson Dyke Architects, where she is responsible for interior projects from the pitching stage through to post construction. Her specialty is workplace design and strategy, but she has worked with a wide variety of project types, including the government and defence sectors, laboratories, healthcare, education and transport sectors.

She has her own unique views on various things, and is a thoughtful and skilled writer, often articulating her thoughts via her blog (

You may also know her as one of the famous BIMinions – she runs the BIMinions Twitter account (@BIMinions) which is always very active during RTC.

She’s got a little baby girl (technical term is a ‘BIMbino’) named Zaira, only 6 months old, but babies have never stopped the RTC Events team before!

Welcome Ceilidh, and we look forward to having you join us in Adelaide for the on-site workshop in preparation for what will be a fantastic RTC ANZ 2017!


To find out more about Ceilidh, you can find her at:

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