and the WINNERS are…

and the WINNERS are… <insert your name here>

As we celebrate Independence Day, there are less than 10 days to submit your poster for the Design Competition. Voting opens July 14th at 4 PM MST and your odds of winning are great!

Time to stop thinking and knuckle down… complete your poster for the Design Competition. Voters will determine if your entry falls under these 4 categories:


Each category will have a First Place and Runner Up.

Documentation:  This section is intended to showcase 2D documentation / annotation work carried out within the BIM environment.

Innovation: This prize showcases the efforts of you or your organisation to push the boundaries of what is possible using today’s tools – not simply wild and woolly building designs.

Integration: This prize will go to the entry that best demonstrates the coordination of all disciplines within a single project.

Innovation: In the presentation section we are looking for examples of work demonstrating the best of presentation techniques incorporating BIM.

Select a project and showcase your work. For Terms and Conditions > PICK HERE


Winners in each category take home a iPad An iPad Pro (9.7 inch, 128GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular) and a $600 voucher for the runner-up of each category. Thank you CADLearning for sponsoring the prizes!

PICK HERE to Submit your Poster!


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