And They’re Off!

Abstracts submissions are open! It’s been great chatting with some past speakers about what they’re interested in presenting at #RTCNA 2016. The particulars are over here but here’s the heading of the list of the Topics of Interest:

  • Case Studies
  • Software Solutions
  • Workflow and Processes
  • Management
  • API / Developer
  • Business Strategy
  • Off the Cuff (Other)

By the end of the week, the deadline to submit will be less than a month away (Friday, December 18th, 2015). That means you’ll still have about two weeks after AU to submit your abstracts. Just be sure to mark the date in your calendar along with a few days notice before the deadline.

Most importantly, keep in mind that RTC is not only about Revit. RTC is about solutions, best practices and the inclusive BIM community. Sure – a lot of the solutions we use and discuss during RTC have to do with Revit and ecosystem that supports Revit. But sometimes when you’re on the cutting edge or in the trenches a single application or ecosystem is not necessarily a solution. So if you’re submitting abstracts about other valuable workflows and technologies that are not only about Revit? The more the better!

So be inventive, honest and enthusiastic! Submit your abstracts ASAP!

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