Beau Lotto: Keynote Speaker for BILT Europe 2018!

The building industry is one that creates certainties. We build homes for families; public spaces for social and educational interaction; infrastructure spaces for transports and logistics; and we explore possibilities in design and its physical or mathematical boundaries. We, within or outside the industry, perceive certainty as security, safety and stability. This perceptual response has not changed since medieval times: the time of the guilds of builders and stonemasons. 

With the rapid adoption of new technologies within our industry, a perceived uncertainty has arisen and insecurity has increased throughout AEC disciplines and institutions. Perception is the foundation of human experience. What we perceive IS who we are, but what if uncertainty is the key to creativity, innovation and leadership? 

I am very excited to present our Keynote Speaker for this year’s BILT Europe event. A 2 time TED talks speaker, G8 Summit and Google Zeitgeist Minds speaker, Wired Speaker and a globally renowned Neuroscientist, Dr. Beau Lotto, our Keynote for this years’ European BILT event.

Our society typically focuses – at times almost exclusively – on only one half of the innovation equation: efficiency. The problem is that our world changes. So too, then, must we. Which is why the most successful systems also embody creativity. In this keynote we’ll discover that there’s nothing creative about creativity … that creativity is only creative from the outside. Indeed, innovation is a deeply natural process that is accessible to anyone. But – like all good design – it begins with not knowing, rather than knowing. Using perceptual neuroscience we will explore the principles of natural adaptation that enable us to live ‘at the edge of chaos’ … on average

Embrace uncertainty and find the key to success!  


Check out his talk on creativity


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