Another Round of RTC – AUS 2016!!!

Hi RTC Community,

Jeremy Harkins here! I’m really looking forward to RTC Hunter Valley! A nice drive through wine country, catching up with friends and colleagues, getting the chance to share some exciting projects and hearing great people speak about their passions. Who could ask for more?

For those of you who don’t know me, or haven’t met me yet, I am Jeremy Harkins, one of the Founders and Directors of ineni Realtime (ineni – pronounced “in any”), a realtime visualisation company focused on the creation of dynamic and user friendly 3D interfaces, for visualisation and building operations. We imagine a future where dashboards are a thing of the past, and intuitive 3D controls give us all ubiquitous access to integrate our virtual and real lives… We create user interfaces for smart buildings and cities… for all stages of the building lifecycle.

For me the RTC conferences have been more than just a place to enjoy a drink with friends and colleagues, it is place that I can learn what is happening in my own and related industries, and a place where ideas can be tested and explored among a group of like-minded individuals. Not least of which is keeping up to date with the latest with Revit practices!

I first spoke at an RTC three years ago in Melbourne, and including the first RTC Asia, this will be my fourth time attending the Conference series. Since then, speaking at these events has become a joy and pretty much a permanent fixture in my life… it allows me to present ideas, not to clients, but to genuinely interested people, and also I get to be in the audience of some amazing presentations myself.

I met Wesley Benn over 7 years ago when he was kind enough to be a guest lecturer in my Digital Collaboration studio for Architectural Computing students at the Faculty of the Built Environment (FBE), University of New South Wales (UNSW).

He inspired both me and my students with the cool stuff he spoke about, including augmented reality projects that were aimed at making building more efficient. When I started my business, Wesley was one of the first to see value in our ideas, and he offered me a speaking position to present some of our innovations in realtime environments.

This got me involved with one of the best conference series I have ever attended!

I’ve been using Revit for almost a decade, and while I don’t use it myself much these days, it is still an important aspect of our business, and something that is vital for me to remain knowledgeable of. Coming regularly to RTC helps be sure that I still know what I’m talking about!

Having an event that allows businesses to network in an environment catered to presenting and solving problems is vital in our community. It gives the opportunity to meet people who are facing the same challenges, and caters for some of the best minds using Revit. Due to the immense collection of knowledge in a single place, it is possible to learn new ways of doing things, and contribute your own ideas.

The RTC team have done amazingly at fostering this community, and it is a benefit to all attendees to have such a resource available.

The value of RTC has proven itself time and again for our business, not only due to the amazing breadth and depth of content on display, but also by giving me the opportunity to stay connected with peers.

Now I just have to make to the American and European RTC’s!

Look forward to seeing everyone at the conference!

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