ARCHICAD and REVIT Users – Riding The Rollercoaster Together

Choice of BIM platform ultimately should have no bearing on our ability to deliver for our clients – the focus ideally being on the package delivered rather than the truck driven to deliver it. Yet many of us can be quite territorial and particularly competitive when it comes to the topic of ARCHICAD or REVIT. As an ARCHICAD user, there are times when one can feel as though they are living on a very small island. This is a perception rather than a reality and it isn’t until we venture out into the wider community and connect with other users that we realise just how many of us are out there … each living on our small island. We all have our own opinions on features and functions of different pieces of software, but one fact that is difficult to ignore, is that REVIT users have a strong community and this leads to a powerful presence in industry, a stronger voice and ultimately more choice. Community is important.

Last year I was fortunate enough to take part in two very successful gatherings of the various BIM communities – The REVIT Technology Conference (RTC) and ARCHICON. The latter helped to fill a void by providing a dedicated ARCHICAD conference that saw close to 100 members of the ARCHICAD community gather for a day of world class presentations from a range of local and international speakers. This was a ground-breaking event for ARCHICAD users in Australia, whereas RTC has been breaking ground for many years and the 2015 event held over three days at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast was no exception.

An enduring memory of last year’s RTC event is the sight of competitive, serious professionals and industry leaders returning to the Casino with stuffed toy dolphins and polar bears squashed under their jackets after an exclusive evening at Seaworld where the theme park was opening only to RTC delegates. Much is said about the quality of speakers and educational value of such an event … less is said about tearing through a dark theme park grabbing beers on the way to the roller coaster. Some of us may be competitive when it comes to choices made around BIM platforms, but this could never compare to the level of competition endured whilst playing sideshow game after sideshow game, furiously attempting to win a second stuffed toy animal, having realised that returning home to two children with only one prize after three days at a resort might not be a wise move.

Having the run of a theme park for a night was a unique experience; it showed clearly that the team behind RTC go all out to ensure the event is a spectacle; it was also one of the few times in life where quoting Beverly Hills Cop 3 was appropriate. Equally important was the opportunity for the modest number of ARCHICAD users who attended and presented at RTC to connect with other, like-minded professionals and to be part of an ever expanding community. In May this year RTC will be held in the Hunter Valley and for the first time the ARCHICON User Conference will be run as part of the event. Two days of ARCHICAD related seminars will be followed by an optional third day of broader BIM and technology topics. In between the presentations, delegates will have the opportunity to socialise with all other attendees from both RTC and ARCHICON streams and it is perhaps during these casual exchanges with other users that we learn the most. The chance for each of us to venture away from our own island and learn from others is invaluable. I suspect there may not be many roller coasters in the Hunter Valley, but the thought of a combined REVIT and ARCHICAD event of this scale in the heart of wine country is exciting to say the least. Whether it is the prospect of learning from industry leaders, educating ourselves on our chosen platforms, a getaway to the Hunter Valley or obtaining a year’s worth of CPD points, attendance at this year’s combine RTC and ARCHICON events is something I would recommend for ARCHICAD users of all levels. I will be attending and am very proud to also be presenting this year. There are now only 44 days left until the conference begins so please check out the event details:


RTC Australasia 2016

I look forward to seeing you all there.

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