ARCHICAD Classes at BILT Europe!

BILT Europe is just around the corner again and this year we have something new and special added to the schedule. For the first time at BILT Europe we have added a stream dedicated for ARCHICAD users. This stream is being trialled to introduce ARCHICAD users into the BILT fold. This year we are looking to provide sessions for our European community to branch out our software specific offerings, and push for a software neutral learning community. These sessions have been specifically selected to share knowledge and deliver return on investment, with attendees learning processes and workflows that would otherwise take months to research and investigate. 

For those who haven’t been to a BILT event before it is regarded by many as the best BIM conference globally. It is attended by the leaders in industry across the Design and Construction Industries. It is a 3 day event with 8 concurrent streams of 75 minute classes to cover as many bases as we can across the industry. 

To help you navigate your way through the list of sessions, here is the list of currently confirmed ARCHICAD sessions, 

Tapping the Source: Establishing Responses to External Data | Kristian Bursell, CADSWIFT Pty Ltd 

In this interactive lab Kristian will share the processes of integrating external databases into library parts to make them data rich and responsive through GDL coding. He will demonstrate how two key functions in ARCHICAD’s content language, GDL, enable highly dynamic BIM content and establish bi-directional communication between elements in your model and any external database. He will teach attendees in detail, how to code these functions. You will leave with the ability, and supporting files & documentation, to apply the functions and achieve some very clever results. In fact, you will have the sample tool in your hands ready to apply the moment you walk back through the office door. 

OpenBIM Brother”: LIVE | Nathan Hildebrandt, Fulton Trotter 

Off the back of his stand-out session at BILT ANZ with Rob Jackson, “OpenBIM Brother” AKA Nathan Hildebrandt will fly solo and take you on a journey using ARCHICAD to compliant IFC export. He will teach you how to build your ARCHICAD template to deliver COBie and data aligning with your client’s information requirements. 

Multidisciplinary Data Exchange with ARCHICAD | David Delgado Vendrell 

David will demonstrate ArchiCAD manages the openBIM workflow with the different disciplines, such as architecture, structure and MEP. As background, he will use the concept of “models as a reference”, keeping intact the creator’s property while we are using them in our design workflow. We will explore how to communicate design changes in an openBIM workflow, whether they are graphical or non-graphical data base. 


Another session will be announced shortly to complete the first day and the introduction of the ARCHICAD stream at BILT EUR. You can find a full breakdown of these sessions on our schedule page by filtering GRAPHISOFT.

We strongly encourage ARCHICAD users to embrace the entire event and attend the full 3 days. Shortly we will release a blog post providing a suggested full program for ARCHICAD users over the 3 days. We look forward to welcoming ARCHICAD Users to BILT Europe in Ljubljana, Slovenia in October!

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