Are You a Speaker?

If so are you flying your banner? You should have received a few image files in your speaker notification email. One of these is a ribbon or badge like these, one each for RTCAUS and RTCUSA.

If you see someone flying these colors they’ve agreed to face one of life’s greatest fears, speaking in public! If you submitted a session and it wasn’t accepted we sure hope it wasn’t too disappointing. We were disappointed that we couldn’t accept everything. We’d need a longer conference to accomplish that. Thanks to our speakers and those who we couldn’t squeeze into the conference this year.

Don’t have a blog or website to fly these? What about your email signature line? If you can’t add it to your company signature, perhaps your personal one. For the smaller more subtle minded we have some “twibbons”, add them to your twitter avatar or online forum user group avatar. It’s okay, show off a little, you aren’t afraid of anything now!

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