Why You Should Attend RTC

Scituate SunsetMinot Light

Here are two local analogies coming from my home just south of Boston, Massachusetts.   The humble and beautiful sea-side Scituate, Massachusetts.

(OK, full disclosure:  I’m on the local Planning Board.  Can we all say together:  Walkable Communities, Smart Growth, Transit Oriented Development?)

Anyway, don’t let the sunset on a great opportunity to attend a Revit Technology Conference near you!   (Truth be told, it’s actually a sunrise just down the way a bit.   However, the sunset is a better analogy!)

Do you ever feel like YOU are the lone stone lighthouse against a wave of problems at your company?   Find your strength when you network with your colleagues in the industry at a local RTC event near you.

My name is Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist at Ideate Software, and I’ve attended and taught at quite a few global RTC events.   The ability to network and learn about the industry is really outstanding and unparalleled.

As a matter of fact, I ran into Jack White of @BIMCrunch fame at the last RTC Europe in Budapest.  @Jack5326

Besides a wicked long discussion on Katy Perry, we also talked about the evolving BIM ecosystem.  He has been kind enough to feature me in a Crunch Time interview, where I speak about the value of attending a BIM event near you.  (…..like, maybe, RTC?)



Give it a listen and pack your bags for Australia, USA, Portugal, or Kuala Lumpur!

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