Attention All BILTna Speakers!

Are you one of the chosen ones? Out of hundreds of lectures, labs and round table submissions yours was selected? Congratulations! Two things:

  • I hope you’ve started to prepare your class now.
  • I hope you’re really getting excited about why your session is important and interesting.

But here’s the thing – you don’t want to wait until you’re introducing your session at BILTna to tell everyone about how great your session is going to be! That should be done well ahead of the conference.

So here’s a chance to promote your session at BILTna and give the rest of us some more valuable context and detail.

  • Who you are and what you do (not just your title…what you really do!)?
  • What’s interesting to you outside of work?
  • What is interesting about what you do (what motivates you at both work and play)?
  • What’s your session title and why it’s important not only to you but the broader AEC community?
  • What you enjoy most about BILT?

That’s it! If you’re interested please jot down your responses and send to And hopefully (with a little  bit of editing) we’ll get your Speaker Spotlight posted to the RTC Events News Site!

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