Aye You!

Autodesk University is just around the corner! This year the conference will be the week before Thanksgiving from November 15-17, 2016 at The Venetian, Las Vegas.

If you’ve attended an RTC Event, you know that many of the attendees, sponsors and speakers also attend AU. What a great opportunity to catch up with so many co-workers, professionals and exhibitors that you enjoy seeing at RTC. That’s just one of the reasons we’ll be headed to this year’s AU.

If you’ve never attended AU before, it’s a much larger scale than RTC with more than 10x the number of attendees. It can be more than a bit overwhelming for first timers – especially if you’ve never been to Las Vegas.

Here’s a few of my survival tips:

  1. Comfortable dress shoes. I prefer Vans.
  2. Lots of business cards and a card scanner for your mobile device for all the cards you’ll get. I use WorldCard Mobile for iOS.
  3. Chapstick.
  4. Empty your laptop bag in your room. Only take the necessities to the conference hall.
  5. Set up important meetings ahead of the conference. Breakfast is a great time to catch up – especially if you’re from the east coast. You’ll be wide awake at 3am.
  6. You know those coat hangers with clips on the bottom rod? Use them to keep your curtains closed so you can darken the room and get some sleep.
  7. Sip lots of water. Don’t wait till you’re thirsty.
  8. Pace yourself. 1-2 beers / day.  See #7.
  9. Go for a walk outside. “St. Marks Square” in the Venetian doesn’t count. Vegas lights up at night and the temperatures are cooler. Sure it’s a bit crowded – but that’s part of the small town charm.
  10. Try to register early and you’ll save enough to pay for one night’s hotel.
  11. Whatever you do, the week before the conference is not a good time to upgrade your OS, hardware, software or install beta software. Electronics feed off stress. Seriously.
  12. Relax and have fun!

If you’re a speaker, don’t forget to manage your speaker tasks over here: au.autodesk.com/speaker-resource-center/overview. You know the drill.

So head on over to au.autodesk.com to register today. Register by October 10th to save on your registration fees.  See you there!

And after AU you’ll enjoy a far more restful Thanksgiving with your friends and family the following week.

Thanks Autodesk!

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