BCS 2016… North America! (???)

If you are one of the few that follow me on twitter (or follow this blog), you know that the Building Content Summit Committee met in Scottsdale, Arizona last week, to spend a couple of days hashing out the specifics of the conference.  It was a great couple of days, and I’m really jazzed about where the event is going.  A few great developments were had during the session, such as:

  1. We developed our strategy to include ALL (or at least MORE) of the BIM Communities. This includes (but is not limited to): ArchiCAD, Digital Project, Sketchup (yes, I said it), AECOSim, Vectorworks, Tekla, and Revit… And all disciplines: Architecture, Structure, MEP, Subcontractor, Interior Designer, you name it. As a committee, we are reaching out to the software vendors in all of those arenas, as well as the Content providers in those realms, hoping to get them to attend.  But it starts with you, their users.  I’ve talked to a number of ArchiCAD users in the last ten days, and I’m proud to say that a few have verbally committed to attending already (registration isn’t opened yet!).  But more is better. Who of you out there (that use ANY platform) want to let me know you’ll be in attendance to discuss and brainstorm the issues you have with the content you use? Quality issues? Variety issues?  It’s all fair game.I’m looking for the few and the proud, who want to step up and say you will be at the event. Email me, or tweet at me, so we know you will be there!
  2. Interestingly enough… Ten days ago we were simply calling the event the “Building Content Summit,” whereas this week we are calling it the “Building Content Summit, North America.”  What on earth do you think that means?  Well, I’ll give you a hint: I didn’t ask “what in the country do you think that means?”  Yes, the Building Content Summit will be reaching destinations other than the North American venue, this year… But I will defer until the other blog post is ready to go. =)
  3. I’m happy to say I’ve been approached by more Product Manufacturers, (and not all products for Architecture), asking for more information about the event. I love getting those calls and emails, and not just because the event is going to be great (although it will):  I want everyone attending to be a great fit, and to enjoy it. When I am asked about what the event will be, I give a candid description, but I also say what it won’t be:  Figuring out specific software standards, and so on.  That way, no one is disappointed with the outcome after attending.  By and large, the folks I’ve talked to this week seem very excited.

Meanwhile, I’m back in Dallas this week, getting caught up on some projects that (ironically) involve a LOT of BIM Content. And I’m having a laugh, while I look at a piece of Office Equipment modeled in Revit that was almost specifically called out at BCS last year, for being a “project killer” because of how ornately it is modeled.  (No, it’s not one of the Little Details Count Musical Instruments by Michael Anonuevo. They are awesome!  Michael, you had better be at BCS!!!), but the discussion was amusing anyway:  If two of us- in a room of 200- don’t agree on what makes good BIM Content, do the Manufacturers have any chance of getting it right?

Two action items for the readers:

  1. If you know you are planning to attend already, please let me know. Tweet to @BuildConSum and  @twiceroadsfool, to support the event.
  2. If you know someone ELSE that should be there, and don’t want to explain what the event is, pass me their info, or pass them mine. I’m happy to explain the cause for the #BCS event.

See you in a few months!


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