BCS 2016- Planning Commences at Autodesk University!

After two weeks on the road, I’m finally back in Dallas. The first leg of my trip was spent at Autodesk University 2015 in Las Vegas, where there were Storm Troopers and Robots aplenty.  In addition to the Dark Side, there were also a large number of BCS Committee Members in attendance, and so we had our second meeting of this year, officially kicking off planning of the July 11-12 2016 event!

Wes, Randall, Parley, Heidi, Phil, Jose and myself gathered one morning, to start laying out the program and structure of the 2016 event.  As someone who spent the entire week showing up for meetings at the wrong time (thank you Outlook!) I was excited to be there, and on the right day!  (I knew I had found the right room, as it was the only room at the Venetian with this stellar door decoration…)


We covered a LOT of ground in that meeting, and in the meeting that followed today.  Planning for this years event, we have several advantages we didn’t have last year: More Knowledge (feedback provided from attendees from the inaugural event, both pluses and deltas), More Buy In (now that people have seen the event, they are more comfortable being a part of it), and More Time (as the planning for this event began immediately following RTC North America last year.

In fact, with the planning we’ve already done, some exciting new changes are coming to the Building Content Summit for 2016If you were paying attention, you will see that I’ve already pointed out one of the big changes.  Watch this space, or watch twitter, for more information.

EXCITING news announcements to come in the following week, surrounding the BCS event, and the leading influencer’s that *might* be at the event!

Stay tuned!


-Aaron Maller (twiceroadsfool)

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