BCS and BILT come together in North America for 2018… and it’s a Win Win!!

We’re pleased to announce that the Building Content Summit (BCS) will be part of the overall North America BILT conference this year in St Louis!  BCS is also making some important changes to its program making it even more attractive to manufacturers and practitioners alike.


For those of you not familiar with BCS, it’s an annual gathering of designers, manufacturers and software & service providers that focuses on improving the state of BIM-related content.  This year, leading building product manufacturers ranging from building automation & control to lighting to conveyance will showcase their latest innovations and BIM-related content and tools.


BCS will host 6 speaker and panel sessions and more than 30 roundtable discussions designed to deep-dive into specific topics related to manufacturer content, content management and the future of the BIM-related geometry and data you rely on daily.


Hosted in the beautiful Union Station Hotel you’ll notice a transportation theme throughout the BCS sessions this year as we bring industry leading manufacturers to showcase their product innovations and explain their strategies for supporting your BIM workflows.  Stay tuned for specific speaker announcements in the coming weeks.


What does this mean for you?  Let’s start with the logistics of the conference.  BCS will take place on Thursday and Friday, August 9th and 10th, of BILT.  BILT attendees can now participate in the BCS conference without additional conference fees!  You’ll be able to attend BCS speaking sessions and round-table discussions simply by choosing them as part of your BILT agenda.


BCS attendees will have the choice of registering for BCS only (this will include the opening BILT plenary session and Thursday evening event at City Museum) or the full BILT conference in order to gain access to all BILT sessions and functions.


BILT and BCS sponsors and vendors will have more options as well.  There will be a “BCS” vendor area designated on the BILT Exhibition floor as well as a BCS Engine Room hosting vendor “pop-up stands” (sounds very Australian doesn’t it :) and the BCS Roundtables.


By combining BCS with BILT, BILT attendees will have more program options from which to choose, gain exposure to some of the industry’s latest product innovations, and help influence manufacturers’ BIM-related offerings.  We hope you’ll agree, combining BCS with BILT this year will be a win – win for everyone involved. The only challenge will be how to choose from so many great sessions!


See you there,

Randall Stevens, Chairman

Building Content Summit (BCS)

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