BCS: Because your ability to provide the right data at the right time on the right touchpoints determines if you win or lose.

The ability for manufacturers to provide accurate data is no longer a topic that can be ignored. The building industry has reached a point where the inability to provide project stakeholders with information in a format that integrates with their workflows are impeding chances of becoming specified. Furthermore, data is no longer just needed for design and construction, but is also becoming crucial in how buildings are being maintained and operated. That is why we asked Paul Doherty, CEO of the digit group to open this year’s European Building Content Summit with a thrilling keynote address; Smart Content, Smart Cities, in which Paul touches upon how providing accurate and useful content for a single building using BIM is a challenge that we are all facing every day. But imagine scaling this issue to include every aspect of an entire city. Join us for an exploration of the world of Smart Cities and how one firm is tackling the issue of City-wide data and its implications on Climate Change, Governance, Design Aesthetic, Construction Means and Methods and Facility/Urban Management by showcasing real world examples of 30+ greenfield cities being developed from scratch from China, Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and the USA. You will be exposed to the lessons learned, best practices and value propositions that designers, manufacturers and software/innovation developers will need to know in order to position themselves for success in today’s Brave New World of Smart Cities. Welcome to the world of the Internet of Buildings.

At the Building Content Summit we bring together manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors and operators for two days in order to bridge that gap that has arisen between our disciplines to foster understanding and seek out solutions. Amongst others, we present interactive sessions dedicated for building product manufacturers on how to tackle the industry’s need for data and information, and bring them up to speed on how to deal with their customers’ needs in the digital built environment. These sessions are specifically tailored to introduce you to the needs of the digital built environment; so no prior knowledge is required.


Session spotlight: BIM Fundamentals

Learning Objective: If you have just a basic knowledge of BIM this session will provide you a deeper understanding on key elements such as content types, software tools, marketing tools and best practices to help develop the foundation for your digital BIM strategy.

Section 1: Why BIM should have a major impact on your bottom line
“If you are not in the conversation about how and why you should develop content you may be doing a disservice to your customers, design professionals and your company, if you don’t learn how to support the workflows of your customers customer then you are missing the point of BIM”.

Section 2: The Basics

  • Who? – Knowing your audience is critical, millennials have no brand loyalty and user experience determines decisions where your content resides.
  • What? – Is BIM content? File formats, generic, typicals, specs, submittals, MSDS, CEU’s etc. One size does not fit all. If you have an international presence, do you need multi lingual data, multi format, multi version content such as Revit, Archicad, Sketchup, Vectorworks, Bentley, IFC.
  • Where? – Effective distribution is critical, your website is so important – but is it the only touchpoint you should rely on?
  • Why? – Committing to a BIM strategy fundamentally changes your digital marketing strategy because products are now selected earlier in the design process and performance attributes matter.
  • How? – Does this impact your ability to be selected, specified and installed?


Session Spotlight: A Manufacturers ROI – The Business Case for BIM

Learning Objective: This session will dive deeper into what everyone discussed in the first session. You will hear real world examples of the role content played within the project life cycle, how it was used and what were the key attributes that made up the ROI business case for funding a BIM strategy.

Section 1: BIM Project Use
Presenting unique perspectives of BIM projects from manufacturers and users perspective, and where they had to use different content formats and tools to illustrate the challenges of delivering a quality construction ready BIM project. Focus will be specifically on content quality, types, availability, what made their job easier or harder and what criteria determined product selection.

Section 2: Crafting a BIM Strategy & Business Case
As a Building Product Manufacturer you must try and justify all this expense. What can we be doing better to leverage our vast library of product data, what available resources internal & external do we use. What technologies should we deploy to justify that I am spending wisely. These are the topics we will tackle to help demystify the process.
Analytics/Metrics/Measurement – we will highlight what kind of data is available, from whom and why it matters as a key part of your ROI case.

These two sessions are the perfect primer and equips you to participate in the following workshops where you can sit face to face with stakeholders that rely on your data to get the most out of their projects.


The Building Content Summit Europe 2017 in Aarhus is your gateway to a community of extraordinary BIM practitioners with years of experience within 3D modelling – and a dedication to improve the industry’s joint understanding of BIM. The event brings together thought leaders ranging from content providers, everyday users of BIM content, manufacturers and content creators with the aim of developing BIM content that is useful throughout the entire building life cycle; from project conception to operations. Learn different perspectives, help develop and set trends, connect with peers and learn how to get the most out of your BIM content. You will want to join us at this 2-day event being held October 3rd and 4th 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark.

You can register your participation for the BuildingContentSummit at  http://www.rtcevents.com/bcs2017eur/

If you have questions on how your firm can benefit from attending the Building Content Summit drop me a line on marcus.fich@rtcevents.com

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