BCS Europe 2018, Early Bird Special!

BCS Europe 2018, Wednesday 10th October, Ljubljana, Slovenia (one day prior to BILT)

Looking at the new 1-day programme, I think the Building Content Summit (BCS) this year is great value for both money and time spent – if you sign-up now it is even better!
Register Here for the Early Bird Special rate €425
Or €390 as a BILT add on, just add BCS to your agenda selection Register for BILT Here.

We think the team has made great work in condensing the “essential” parts of BCS into one day. Overall, the event should be easier to attend than before while still bringing together the experts and key topics of construction & real estate, digitalisation and data.

This year BCS targets decision makers, perhaps more so than practitioners – we see that it is important to get more companies started on smart data and use of better digital content in their operations.

Personally, I am looking forward to the keynote by Burcin Kaplanoglu from Oracle to learn how a large ERP vendor is approaching the use of data in the industry “The Oracle Vision for Data Capture and Use”.  As we all know this is a hot topic not only from the GDPR point-of-view, but also thinking what is possible.

Also, in the true BCS fashion later in the day, the panel discussion “The Future of smart data” should be very good as this session offer opportunity to interact with experts on-stage.

Of course, the social event (at the end of the official programme) will lead to networking with old and new friends. May the night be long ;-) 


Ville Kyytsonen, BCS Committee

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