BCS Europe and Why You Need to Attend…….

As a manufacturer: BCS Europe will give you a prime opportunity to learn the needs of your
customers. You can interact with them on a conversational level to understand the quality needs for the BIM content you are expected to provide.

For the Facility Manager: During the course of discussions held at BCS Europe, you will have the much needed opportunity to raise your voice and articulate the very specific requirements your discipline of work needs.

For the Content Creator: BCS Europe will be instrumental in providing all the input for you that enables you to create content that satisfies your client’s needs. You will also find a pool of inspiration facilitating to create the best content product possible.

For the BIM Designer: BCS Europe event will provide you with a unique window of opportunity to manifest your praise and frustration with existing BIM content as you experience
right now.

Summing up: BCS Europe is meant to be a common ground empowering all parties involved to create better BIM content – the aim is to kick start this as an initiative and bring it up to stellar speed. As we see in so many cases in today’s BIM eco-system, commercial BIM content can be disruptive and needs to be adapted to the requirements of BIM Protocol on the project where it is used. At BCS Europe we aim to facilitate standardisation, information transfer and a collaborative platform to create a vast pool of content that is actually used and does really make sense. You learn about the various levels of standardisation within the European Union and UK, already implemented or being designed right now.

On the other hand of the spectrum, our workshops in the afternoon will also provide you with the latest tips and tricks creating content and integrating content into the diverse BIM environments – from open to close.

Final words:  Let’s face it, at the end of the day – we all just want to do a really good job!

BCS Europe 2016, 19th October 2016 will take place in Porto the day before RTC EuropeFor more information on BCS Europe visit the website www.rtcevents.com/bcs2016eur/ , we are now open for registration and currently have a handful of Early bird registration places left.

Blog by Silvia Taurer, Region Manager Europe

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