BCS Europe – what is the obsession with Data?

Data, data, data

It seems that everywhere we look in society, we are obsessed with data. Data collection, data privacy, data security, data management. Our computers collect data around everything we do online (oops!), our supermarkets collect data on what we eat, and our smartphones want to know where we are at all times. Since when did something so intangible become so important in our daily lives?

The construction industry has always been obsessed with data in some form, but never in a cohesive and collaborative way. Never before have we cared what data is collected by other project stakeholders, nor how they store and access it. We all seem to take the line,

“If I don’t need it, then it is irrelevant to me!”

This is undoubtedly changing, and potentially this change will not come voluntarily from inside the industry but forced on us from outside. More and more people apply value to data, and this value drives demand. Demand for seemingly insignificant information, but in eye-watering quantities.

Why does this matter? It makes the specification discussion for a piece of BIM content, between an Architect and a Manufacturer seem like a whisper in a crowd. Sure, it is all encompassing for our requirements, but what will be the digital deliverables in ten or twenty years? Will it be a 3D model in LOD 304.652 complete with some shared parameters, the naming of which we argued over for two years? I seriously hope not!

This year at the Building Content Summit, Wednesday 10th October, in Slovenia, we will be looking both inside and outside our industry to see what lessons we can learn about the potential future of content and data in the construction industry.  See the schedule, here.

We are currently focusing on our speaker line-up for the European BCS, so keep in touch.

See you in Ljubljana in October.

Paul Woddy

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