BCS Europe, for the Players!

This year will we will host the inaugural Building Content Summit (BCS) here in Europe. Content is a complex subject. Its requirements will look different depending on what you need it to do for you.

Are you a manufacturer? If so, content is another communication channel with your customer; it’s the digital version of your product and a marketing tool. If it helps your customers, then it’s helping you too. Your company looks better in the eyes of those using your content. It brings empathy and helps your products to be specified. While it doesn’t guarantee a sale, you can’t deny you are better off having good content than not. But just as not all products are created equal, neither is all digital content.

What if you are a designer, an architect, a contractor, or even an owner? What do you need from content in that case? Good content should make your work look good and save you time. When it’s done well, data flows from one place to the next with little or no effort. It also builds your trust in the manufacturer (who made you look good, remember?). You could say: “good content equals good products”™. It might not always be the case, but if the manufacturer went the extra mile with their content, that shows they care, and that’s always a good sign.

And who puts together the content? Often it’s a business whose role is that of creating content for third parties. And that can be a tough place to operate. On the one hand, and I know from a decade of experience, you are being pushed by the manufacturer to do things that are not quite right. You know it, but they don’t, because often they don’t know about the tools their content needs to work within or the workflows their content is meant to serve. Yet, they are the ones paying for your services…and ultimately calling the shots. On the other hand, you have the consumers of that content. You can never please them all, can you? They may not always know exactly what they are asking for, and where are the standards that would offer everyone a level playing field? Sorry mate, there’s no such thing…yet.

We put BCS together because, as manufacturers, designers, and developers, we want real, reliable solutions that help our customers, improve our daily workflows and facilitate our content creation. BCS is meant to be that forum where we can all come together and share unvarnished information, thoughts, and requests with all the other stakeholders in the process. Whichever vantage point you look at content from, you need to be talking to everyone else, and the Building Content Summit is your opportunity to do just that. Come to BCS, hear the perspectives of all the different stakeholders, join our roundtables, and come out of it with a plan for good content.

I look forward to seeing you there. Save the date – Wednesday 19 October, Porto, Portugal – registration opening soon.

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