On the evening of Wednesday July 22nd as the BCS (Building Content Summit) closes and we begin to mentally switch gears towards RTC, join us as we wind down the day at the Inaugural BCS Hackathon.  With cocktail in hand, watch experts show off their BIM dexterity, show off your own content, collaborate, network and share tips, tricks and best practices.

At this year’s hackathon, we’ll be showcasing advanced content, the API, and of course the latest and greatest hacking tool; Dynamo. Got a good idea that others might want to see; why not show it off?

  • Advanced Content – With little to no documentation on the Family Editor, learning how to develop quality content is nigh impossible without watching over someone’s shoulder or beating your head against the keyboard for hours, days and on end. Watch experts perform brain surgery using salad tongs using all of the tools that that Revit has to offer.
  • API and Apps – The API allows us the ability to make our own hacks, macros, workarounds, tools and complete applications to improve productivity. If you think of Revit like a tablet or ipad, ask yourself would you use either one right out of the box, or would you look to find those apps that give you those life hacks necessary to make your day run smoothly.
  • Dynamo – When you get to a certain point in BIM development, Parametric just isn’t enough, so what do we do? That’s right, we make our parameters parametric. Enter Dynamo; the quintessential hacking interface that lets the Revit galaxy make their hacks simple and dynamic. Big or small, if you need to be able to dynamically control something in Revit, and parameters just don’t fit the bill, try Dynamo. All the cool kids are doing it.
  • Pontification Station – Someone call you out at the BCS? Got a great idea? Show off what you got and throw down at the hackathon. Prove that Revit can do that, and show off your workaround which makes total sense once you really think about it.

Whether you’re coming just for the BCS, or are staying for RTC NA the next day plan to stick around for collaboration and cocktails at the #BCSHackathon.

We are also very pleased to invite any RTC attendees who are arriving on Wednesday July 22nd to join us for the BCS Hackathon from 7:00pm – 9:30pm in the Commonwealth Ballroom at Hilton Crystal City, Arlington. Limited numbers apply. Arrive early to secure your place.

I look forward to seeing you there!

-Robert Weygant


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