BCS Keynote Lecture (You Don’t Want to Miss This!)

When most of us think about BIM Content, we are typically thinking about it in relation to a single Building Project, or- at most- a Project Clients portfolio of Projects. The considerations and their effects (when the scale jumps from one project to several) become more complex, as the common data between projects needs to relate to one another. Imagine then- if you will- needing to scale the Content Strategies and Issues we face to include an entire city!?

The Building Content Summit Committee is proud to bring this year’s Keynote Speaker, an expert in tackling the issues of city-wide data, and its implications on climate change, governance, design aesthetics, construction means and methods, and facilities and urban management:

Paul Doherty, AIA, President and CEO of The Digit Group



Join us as Paul showcases real world examples of more than 30 Greenfield cities, being developed from scratch. China, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the United States! Paul will dive in to lessons learned, best practices, and the value propositions for ALL players to succeed in the new world of Smart Cities.

Have you registered for BCS yet? If not, CLICK HERE.  We are only a few weeks away from a great two-day event on the Content Ecosystem for the AEC Industry. I hope we will see you there!



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