BCS NA 2018 Speaker Spotlight: Ken Flannigan, KONE

Ken Flannigan, BIM Solution Owner at KONE will be presenting a session at BCS on Friday, August 10th,  St Louis, MO.  Here he shares with us a little more information about his presentation…

Presentation Title: Configure, Automate, Innovate: Industrialized BIM in a World of Variation

Description: Vertical transportation equipment is, by nature, highly configurable. To put in perspective exactly what I mean by highly configurable, there are more possible configurations of just KONE equipment than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy (that’s 100 billion!). 

On top of the configuration variety, as a worldwide building product manufacturer and specialty contractor, we are challenged by wide variations of project expectations regarding BIM.

It has been a focus of KONE’s Technology and Innovation group to bring digital intelligence and automation to bear on these issues.  What we’ve learned stretches far beyond configuring products and takes us into fundamental questions about how we make construction cost decisions, communicate digitally, and even how people move through our built environments.

In this session we will present how designers and builders interact and benefit from industrialized BIM workflows to aid in the planning of a project’s vertical transportation solutions.

What is the one thing you hope attendees get out of your session?

How BIM configuration and automation processes shape, and are shaped by, the decisions our customers and colleagues make.

How/ why did you get involved with Building Content Summit?

In 2015, we built and were deploying an early generation of internal BIM configuration and automation tools. It was very apparent that we couldn’t be effective with our customers unless we took part in the broader industry conversations regarding BIM and the impact it has on the relationship between design, construction, and operation partners. The Building Content Summit has been important to us in that effort.

Why are you interested in these topics?

To be involved in BIM is to help lead the digitization of the built world, an effort I think is a great calling and I feel lucky to be part of it. Change is afoot and the companies that do not internalize that change actively and repetitively will become irrelevant.

What lessons have you learned that would benefit others?

Process improvement efforts should be incremental and iterative. In other words, fail cheap, but that doesn’t mean only do small things. Course correct iteratively, responding to changing needs while also supporting and developing your core business. Your business leaders will thank you for this approach.

What challenges have you faced that you have overcome or are still wrestling with?

Exceptionalism is the bane of standardization. I am speaking primarily about exceptionalism in industry and geography. The vertical transportation industry has suffered from this exceptionalism in a construction process and we see many organizations with highly bespoke processes that cost us all a lot of money for a benefit that is at least poorly communicated and at worst completely fabricated.

It is also a significant challenge to run global BIM organization that is dedicated to delivering a global process. We believe this is a key to BIM quality and communication optimization.

What is something interesting about you that nobody would guess?

Even though I have lived in Texas since I was 8, moving from Northern California, I still think of myself as a Californian.

Anything else you’d like to let potential attendees know?

We will have several chances in the sessions to ask questions or comment on your perspective. We want to share our perspective and gain insight into yours.


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