BCS Needs You


This Year’s RTCNA in Washington DC will play host to the first of its kind Building Content Summit (BCS), scheduled the day before RTC starts.

Who should attend?
BIM Managers… and those responsible for the sourcing, maintenance and deployment of BIM content within AEC firms. Share your thoughts on using OOB content, manufacturer content, and feral content from open BIM sites. Discuss your content woes and what others can do to remedy the problems you face. 
Content Developers… that have tips, tricks and best practices to share with the world. BIM is a moving target, so confirm that how you develop your content does fill the needs of both manufacturer and AEC alike. The world of content development has been cloaked in mystery for years due to the lack of documentation and education. Far too few people possess the knowledge and expertise that you guys and gals have; so share it.
Building Product Manufacturers… that want to better understand the needs of the BIM users. BIM content must be created around the needs of BIM users; come hear what those users like and don’t like. Find out about in-house content development or how to find the right developer to work with.

More detail to follow. But if you’re in one of the three categories above we believe that you’ll have useful input and will find value in working with your peers in the other categories to solve the challenges of creating content that is beautiful, useful and created with highest and best practices.

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